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5th/6th Grade Game Rules

1) All games will start promptly at the scheduled time and will not start before the scheduled
time unless both coaches agree. Five (5) players must start the game, but less than five (5)
players may finish. A ten (10) minute grace period will be allowed before the game must be
forfeited due to a lack of players.

2) Games shall consist of four (4) six (6) minute periods and a two (2) minute half-time
period. A one (1) minute time period will be allowed between periods. Overtime periods shall
be two (2) minutes in length. First half shall consist of 1st and 2nd periods, while the second half shall consist of the 3rd and 4th periods.

3) The clock will stop on all dead balls.

4) No player may sit out two (2) consecutive periods, unless due to injury, illness or arriving
late. No player may enter the game for a second period until all eligible players have entered the
game for one (1) period and so on. For example, no player may play four periods unless
everyone else has played three periods. Any disciplinary action to limit a player’s playing time
due to missed practices or for any other reason must be approved by the league commissioners
with the request being made at least twenty-four (24) hours before game time.

5) A player arriving late is not eligible to play until the conclusion of the period in which he
arrives. If a player arrives prior to the start of the fourth period, he must play at least two (2)
periods. If he arrives after the start of the fourth period, his playing time will be at the discretion
of the coach. An injured/sick player who cannot continue is exempt from the period playing rule.
Once an injured/sick player is able to re-enter the game, he should do so immediately and play
for the remainder of that period. After an injured/sick player re-enters the game, if he is removed
a second time due to the injury/illness, he becomes ineligible to play during the remainder of the
game. Any eligible player on the bench may enter the game for an injured/sick player or a player
fouling out, regardless of skill level. No substitution will be allowed at any time throughout
the game unless a player is either injured/sick or fouls out. The period for which a player
enters the game under such circumstances will not count as a “clock period” for the player.

6) Foul shots will be shot on the seventh common foul of the first and second half. Two
penalty shots will be awarded on the tenth common foul per half. Foul shots will be taken
from the 15’ line. Players are allowed to step over the line on a follow-through.

7) Three (3) time-outs, lasting one (1) minute, shall be granted each team during regular
playing time. However, no more than two (2) time-outs may be used in any one half. One
(1) additional time-out shall be granted each team for each overtime period.

8) Coaches are encouraged to form offensive strategies that incorporate involvement for all
players. The “spread” or “4-corner” offense with the intention of player “isolation”, whether for
purposes of helping an offensive player to score or to keep an offensive player away from the
basket in order to minimize the number of defensive players near the basket, is illegal. The result will first be a warning and then a two (2) shot technical and ball possession. A “spread offense” is different from the offensive team “spreading the floor”. Spreading the offensive floor
followed by team movement towards the basket is sound basketball strategy and is not a spread
offense in terms of “isolation”. Thus, setting up an offense in a spread position in order to begin
the offensive play is not illegal.

9) Defense is not allowed in the backcourt except according to Rule 10b below. After the ball is turned over for any reason, such as a made basket, defensive steal, or after a defensive rebound, the defense must retreat beyond the 10 second line. To begin the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth period of play, a free in will be allowed. ZONE DEFENSES AND TRIPLE TEAM DEFENSES ARE NOT ALLOWED!!!

Only man-to-man defense will be allowed. On weak side defense you may take a “help”
position, but you must maintain reasonable awareness of your man. Prior to the last two (2)
minutes of regulation play, once the ball has penetrated the arc, a defensive player in close proximity to the player with the ball may play help defense and double-team the player with the ball as long as the ball remains below the free throw line extended. A defensive player guarding his man across court from the ball cannot leave his man and come from across the court to double team the ball. On defense no steals off the dribble will be allowed. Passes can be stolen.

10) Double-teaming is not allowed anywhere outside of the arc. If there is a “pick-and-roll”, “fast break” or “help” situation above the foul line, at the referee’s discretion, adequate time will be allowed for the defender to recover and pick up his offensive man before double-teaming is

10b) Teams may press and play a trapping defense the final two minutes of the game.

11) So that the offensive team must initiate play, the five (5) second closely guarded rule will
be in effect.

12) All rules and regulations not specifically listed heretofore shall be governed by the official
basketball rules published by the National Federation of State High School Athletic Association.

13) Only two (2) coaches are allowed on the bench during the game. The head coach is
responsible for the conduct of his assistant, players and parents.

14) Final decisions of rule interpretations will be made by the referee. REMEMBER: WE ARE HERE FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

15) The 28.5” basketball is the official game ball to be used in all regular season
and tournament games.

16) The games will be played on 10 foot rims.

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